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Leveraging ICT to reach the goal.

  • DWS Datacenter
    DigoKrishi Datacenter

    DigoKrishi Datacenter is a free-for-farmer initiative providing phone-based support.

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  • DWS P2C
    P2C Marketplace Management

    We are all set to establish the solution supporting the distribution of the farmers' commodities.

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Quantum Computing: A Journey Beyond the Binary

Discover the essence of quantum computing: From qubits to their transformative potential, see how tech's future is being redefined.

Google's Gemini AI: The Next Big Leap in Conversational AI

Google's Gemini AI is set to revolutionize conversational AI, competing with OpenAI's GPT-4. Discover its features and applications.

Discover Edge Computing: The Cloud Power Booster

Discover Edge Computing: Faster, Safer, and More Reliable Data Processing. Explore Its Impact on Everyday Life and the Future of Tech.

๐Ÿ”— Edge Computing

Understanding Google Analytics | GA4: A Quick Look

Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Elevate Data-Driven Success. Delve into Enhanced Insights and Seamless Transition from Universal Analytics.

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