P2C Marketplace Management

DreamWork Solution mainly works supporting three sectors of the supply chain ecosystem; production, investment, and distribution. In the last half a decade, we have worked for plenty of solutions that support production and investment. Hence, we are planning to emphasize the distribution sector in the next half a decade. 

P2C is can be understood as farm to table model. D2C has been around us for a while that supports farmers to distribute their commodities directly to consumers. Hence, the issue with D2C for a small business is its incontinence and its not cost-ineffectiveness. 

Hence, P2C is a relatively new business model that can be a robust tool to streamline the Farm-to-Table philosophy. We are shortly announcing the independent project (KL-P2C-01) under the P2C business model that is heavily being developed to finalization by the end of 2023. 

P2C Marketplace Management is planned to establish as an independent commercial business aligned to DreamWork Solution supporting each other. 

P2C Market Management has a built-in home delivery module for agricultural commodities that are connected with its in-house production. Hence, it will provide a number of opportunities for the farmer under the platform. Free means, the selected farmers are free to collaborate with us to deliver their product through our P2C distribution channel. They don't have to pay any percentage of their profit margin as commission. 

This project aims to provide direct benefits for the farmers to increase their profit margins, improve product branding, as well as minimize post-harvest loss. On the other hand, the consumers will get a better product at a relatively lower cost, ensures food quality, and get broader access to the farmers' commodities. 

We are currently working to align our existing products to P2C that supplement each other. We look forward to connecting with you through a sustainable supply chain very soon.