Strategic Partnership Program (SPP)

Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) is targeted to the consumer who cannot opt-in for Technology Partnership Program (TPP). Unlike TPP, which supports the business ecosystem, SPP supports a single segment of the ecosystem; production, investment, and distribution.


The services you get under SPP are varied upon the institutional requirement and feasibility. Hence, in the production segment, we mostly provide you the digital applications for your operation management and consultation service for production optimization. SPP is suitable for SMEs or a cooperative, that is seeking growth in a specific sector of a business ecosystem: production, investment, or distribution. 


In the investment section, we empower you with a knowledge database along with documentation support. To insure your investment, we work with you to develop a business strategy and prepare financial documentation for you. We also support you in developing and preparing documentation for the government support program.


We have established solutions and experience to support production and investment. Hence, support for distribution is in the beta phase. We are testing P2C and M2Coop to connect consumers directly with the manufacturer.

Here, a brand new innovation M2Coop business model is being introduced by DWS that help last-mile retailer obtain commodities at wholesale cost right to their door. It is actually reverse engineered solution to support small-scale manufacturers, especially for those who cannot afford nationwide distribution channels, focus on quality, and disintermediate value chains. 


Who is Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) for?


Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) is free for all registered entities in the Government of Nepal. Since we are in the early stage of the program, we take the liberty to select the party as per our feasibility. We will line up and the application with the priorities. Apart from our sectoral choice and feasibility, SMEs or a Cooperative that promotes the consumption of local raw materials, provides job opportunities for the local people, establishes social and climate harmony, and promotes ethical and value-based production are our primary considerations for eligibility.


The Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) is currently in the beta testing phase. Until we release the public application planned by the end of this year (2023 A.D), you can contact us directly through phone or email for early enrollment.