Dreamwork Solution

DreamWork Solution (DWS) is a dynamic commercial institution founded in 2005 A.D. in Nepal, with a mission to empower people and enhance their quality of life through the integration of technology. We specialize in providing a wide range of services that include study, research, consultation, and software development. 

Our core areas of focus include promoting sustainable agriculture and livestock development, digitalizing governance, driving rural economic growth, and ensuring consumer health and wellness. 

At DWS, we are committed to delivering innovative and inclusive solutions that have a positive impact on society. We have successfully served more than 150 government agencies and have a portfolio of over 50 products that are widely used across the country. We work in partnership with government entities at the federal, state, and local levels, to ensure that our services reach the most marginalized communities and that our solutions are inclusive and equitable. 

We leverage our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology to design and implement solutions that help government agencies deliver efficient and effective services to the public. Our mission is to establish technology-based solutions at the sectoral level for efficient service delivery. As a premier organization at the forefront of ICT and agriculture in Nepal, we have crafted five robust applications that are tailored to tackle the present difficulties faced by farmers and the agricultural industry in Nepal.

At DWS, we see farmers, SMEs, consumers of food, and the rural community as the beneficiaries. We enable them to the service and quality they deserve, with the rights-based approach. We prioritize the projects accordingly with our clients who are largely the Government, NGOs/INGOs, and private enterprises. DWS mostly provides paid services to the clients, and delivers free services through the clients to the beneficiaries. 

DreamWork Solution is largely collaborating for the advancement of the sustainable farming practices. We have nationwide adaption of a wide range of digital solutions ranging from the empowerment of the farmer, optimization of the production, enabling access to subsidized loans, to getting producers and consumers connected digitally. 

DreamWork Solution is committed to providing services that improve farmers' livelihoods and contribute to the growth of the agricultural and livestock development sector in the country. We are highly encouraged by our in-house research projects that redefine the existing technologies.

We are working on some groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize the distribution of farmers' commodities with digitally governed supply-chain, micro-industrial ecosystems, and cashless transactions.