Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new topic and we are utilizing it everywhere. The biggest excitement for us about AI is that it enhances the nontechnical user experience. It is true, apart from development initiatives, the user experience of AAII is less tech-savvy than any other digital technology. None of us are aware much about how we are utilizing AI in our life. This is everywhere around us from Natural Language Processing (NLP) of our email's junk filter to the profanity filter of our messenger apps. Our browser tracks cookies to the deep learning ability of our mobile's camera apps.

We overlooked AI since we had to establish fundamental software-based infrastructure first. Again, we had to establish ourselves as a larger institution. Hence, the future is exciting for us. We have preestablished system for the deployment of AI. It can improve user experiences and help us extend our services horizontally.

We are initiating to include AI from data detection and automated recommendation system. We are prioritizing object classification that can act as a virtual lab for farmers. We are also interested in Pest and Disease forecast system as we already have better outreach for agriculture advisory services.