Local Economy

DreamWork Solutions (DWS) is committed to reducing the importance of money in exchanging goods and services, particularly in micro-transactions and small-scale trades. Since DWS is taking steps to position itself in forefront of social enterprise in Nepal, we are prioritizing the solutions that help rebuild the rural economy and the development of a small-scale private ecosystem. We strongly believe that a small business and a corporate enterprise cannot be lined up parallelly to operate with equitable financial activity. A corporate enterprise can never be the alternative to the farmer's market hence, a farmer's market only performs sustainably in urban centers. Meanwhile, we were also aware of the fact that the digital solution for rural economic development does not sound that appealing or result-oriented.


In Nepal, there are no government agencies with a specific mandate to support building the local economy. On the other hand, a solution for local economic development is not a profitable venture for the private sector. In absence of the innovative solutions that help showcase the products for micro-industries, penetration of the saturated commodity market is becoming extremely difficult for micro-industries. To reach the customer, a micro-industry has no choice than increasing the production cost or compromise on the packaging, quality, or quantity. As such, we decided to get ourselves involved to address the challenges with all of our cumulative experiences, collective knowledge, and existing networks. 


The project LE-DC-002 is aimed to provide an inclusive platform for small farmers and micro-industries. It helps small industries to reach their consumers directly without any hassle and extra commission. The project is currently planned to be operated under Distribute Ledger Technology (DLT). A fully functional beta version of the project will be announced by end of 2023 A.D. and is expected to establish nationally by 2027 A.D.


Moreover, a sustainable local community helps build the rural economy and create more local job opportunities. It also offers more to sustainable development such as preserving local culture and heritage, reducing environmental impact, and establishing a prosperous community. This also opens up a whole new opportunity for DreamWork Solution to strengthen the current services and top-up more product lines. 


Hence, along with technical development, we also need to address social and political aspects to establish our concept. So, we are seeking opportunities to collaborate with the institution working with the goal of reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth. Please feel free to communicate with us to learn more about the project.