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The modernization of agriculture is one of the most shouted topics in Nepal. Statistics cannot solve issues all the time; we are pushing the bird-eye view strategy to analyze farmers to practical adaptation.
Whether it is subsistence farming or a commercial one, investors need a clear picture of how their business is going to perform. People do not even think of the need of a business plan for subsistence farming and commercial farmer, most of the time, want it just and just for a banking proposal.
This is making a vast number of agro-based investors vulnerable in the present scenario whereas most of the commercial agro-based farms in Nepal are youth innovators or emotionally driven new start-ups that they are risking themselves without much insights. Improper investment in agriculture circulates wrong information that increases confusion and harms the consistency of agricultural development.  
We all know "Business plan" exists as a scientific solution but it costs money. Basically, documentation cost for a business plan starts from $100 and this is the biggest barrier in the Nepalese context.
DreamWork Solution is unfastening with the development of the "Business Plan Automation System". We are providing services to the Local Government, AKC/VHLSEC - Provincial Government, Farmer's Federation, etc. so that farmers get those documents from their nearest possible service centers. Interestingly, 1000+ farmers already got a system-generated business plan absolutely free of cost, and beneficiaries are growing gradually.  
Hence, farmers get such documentation only where our clients exist. However, we want an extensive pace to increase beneficiaries of our flagship product "Business Plan Automation System". 
Meanwhile, any Nepalese farmer can request a business plan with us. We work for it, provide printed or digital copy absolutely free.
Our business plan currently covers:
1) Package of Practice
2) Benefit Cost Ratio
3) Net Present Value
4) Internal Rate of Return
5) Payback Period
6) Breakeven Point
Agriculture Business Plan