Business Plan Automation

Business Plan Automation System (BPAS) is an innovative solution that streamlines the process of creating a business plan. With its easy-to-use interface and on-the-fly calculation capabilities, BPAS can produce a complete business plan in just 30 seconds, a task that typically takes at least a week to complete manually. 

BPAS offers a wide range of features that are essential for financial institutions, including a Package of Practices (PoP) and a Crop calendar, which help to minimize investment risk. Additionally, BPAS can generate a variety of financial indicators, such as the Profitability Index (PI), Cash Flow, Payback Period, Breakeven Points, and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), all in less than a minute.

BPAS is the product of over five years of development and input from dozens of experts in agriculture, finance, and government research agencies. Additionally, it is based on research, validation, and endorsement from the government of Nepal, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in its output. In comparison, BPAS is the best software, expert, or institution out there for agriculture extension services. 

In summary, BPAS offers a cutting-edge solution for creating business plans that are both fast and accurate. Its comprehensive features and government endorsement make it an ideal choice for financial institutions looking to minimize investment risk and make informed decisions.

BPAS is currently available as a built-in application in our Production Control System (PCS) and Investment Management System (IMS). In order to maximize its potential benefits, we are integrating it with our Technology Partnership Program (TPP) and Strategic Partnership Program (SPP).

If you are interested in our services, even if you are not currently enrolled, please feel free to contact us directly. Additionally, we are offering free consultation service for the development of individual business plans until the end of 2023.