Business Ecosystem


The businesses provide opportunities. 


Hence, with business, you are surrounded by so multidisciplinary risks to cope with. You may not have an adequate team of experts, knowledge, and Network. Yet, even a small business demands a top-notch leadership. Finance, Management, and Economics (FME) used as a cutting-edge business management tool for a long. Hence, the established tendency has been changing and this is alarming for even a small and medium-sized businesses.


Nepal is gradually shifting to the new era of the business, where anything you learn from the book may not help you to do business. In the new age, business demands innovation, and innovation is not as easy as hard work.


If you observe beyond your old-school thought, a business demand more than FME.  It demands a least a brief knowledge of consumer psychology, population dynamics, market tendency, sociocultural acceptance, legal implications, and seriously much more than you name it. 


It's a harsh truth that the urban-centric market capitalization is destroying the rural economy in Nepal. Apart from hundreds of negative consequences of urban-centric market capitalization, it also has damaging effects on SMEs; even for a business established in an urban area. 


It requires no wisdom to understand that a small business that is directly kept against a large enterprise simply loses its competency even with a better product. Branding is a major place where local SMEs loses the game and larger enterprise has an undercover advantage of distribution. Moreover, most of the distribution bandwidth has already been occupied by the very few giants. If we put everything simply, it is becoming impossible for an ethical local product to penetrate the current saturated market of Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) at the corporate level. The adverse effect is, an explosive number of SMEs going to fail in coming years in absence of intervention. 


DWS feels no hesitation to quote that, beyond its survival, no industry can succeed without innovation in the future. Whereas, an innovation is the result of cross-cutting collaboration all the time. DWS looks forward to working with you to crack the code and provide you the absolution solution that helps you penetrate the market. Don't stress yourself with the wrong tools, DWS is all prepared for your entrepreneurial need. 


Reinvent your business now!


Opt-in for our partnership programs that range from paid Technology Partnership Program (TPP) to the free Strategic Partnership Program (SPP). 


The 360-degree business ecosystem is our modern philosophical design language to secure your business. Under the Partnership Program, we equip you with the digital tools to enhance your competency in the market.   then, we work on developing an action plan in an alliance of business ecosystems covering production, investment, and distribution. 


We sectorize any of the industrial activity into three essential segments; production, investment, and distribution. The whole design philosophy of the industrial process revolves all the way around the business ecosystem that constricts of three independent sectors; production, investment, and distribution. DWS provides all-around support for an industry even if they focus on a single segment of the business ecosystem i.e. production, investment, and distribution. DWS covers it under the "Partnership Program". 


At DreamWork Solution, we think the "Partnership Program" is also a good opportunity for us to grow together throughout the service delivery. On the other hand, a partnership program is also a big opportunity for the production industries, especially in absence of a clear vision from the Government to safeguard farmers' commodities. Nepal is likely to have financial support programs for farmers like Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program or Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) sooner meanwhile crawling with the recently introduced Minimum Support Price (MSP) program. 


The concept of the micro-industrial ecosystem developed by DreamWork Solution is an optimal and futuristic solution to deal with the upcoming challenges of inconsistencies in the supply chain. Again, we have an in-house research project to solve the market inconsistency, which will be introduced after development stability. The project is designed to connect numbers of small businesses together under a micro-industrial business ecosystem and connected by the P2C (Product to Consumer) business model securing distributions. It is also supported by a few revolutionizing technologies that are too early to discuss for now, but we are committed to solving everything.. literally everything.