Agriculture Business Promotion and Support Training Center has the work function of agriculture related training and agriculture business promotion. Agriculture Training Section under ABPSTC has been conducting programs related to agriculture extension and capacity buildup of farmers while agriculture business promotion section works towards agriculture business promotion and market infrastructure development. 

Recently, the number of farmers involved in commercial agriculture is increasing however business failures due to inefficient technical and financial management aspect has demotivated many entrepreneurs to pursue agriculture as a large scale enterprise. ABPSTC Lumbini Province has realized the need of attention on securing the investment by farmers and entrepreneurs in agriculture sector through development and distribution of agriculture and livestock business plan. 

DreamWork Solution facilitated ABPSTC, in this regard, by developing a digital platform for automated business plan generation with institutionalized access and empowerment of agriculture personnel from Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology and Land Management (MoAFLM), Directorate of Agriculture Development (DoAD), Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development (DoLFD), Agriculture Knowledge Center (AKC), Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Center (VLLSEC) and Integrated Agriculture and Livestock Development Office (IALDO). The software has been developed as a complete package for generation of business plan, resource mapping throughout the province, coordination among affiliated organizations for access to services and facilities, and dissemination of information related to production and marketing of agriculture inputs as well as farm products.