Numerous health benefits and medicinal importance make honey a commodity of high demand in the national as well as international market. Quality of honey depends exclusively on bee farming characteristics like location of bee rearing, floral sources of honey, temperature and other climatic conditions, and processing parameters like hygiene, filtration techniques and harvesting methodologies.ย ย 

With increasing health concern among household consumers about honey, there comes a responsibility of delivering right information on producers, production process and processing technology applied in honey preparation. DreamWork Solution devised a digital platform to maintain the records of 9 honey producing firms of Chitwan district.ย 

The dynamic attributes of packaged honey is regularly updated by the managers of respective firms which will be delivered to the public through the QR code system. The generated QR code is inserted into the packaging material of each product, thereby any consumer canย get new and relevant information on the web. This contributes to quality assurance and efficient branding of honey products.

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