Market price of agriculture commodities fluctuate each day. Price of these perishable goods is fixed based on the prevailing demand and supply situation. Effective market price dissemination is as important as price determination in an agriculture market.ย Farmers as well as consumers have to be updated regularly with the price information so that they can make rational decision on sales and purchase. Market becomes efficient when price information is delivered from an authorized source, with real time update, and ensured access to all the associated stakeholders.

A digitally operated cloud based system is the best mode of spreading information on agriculture commodities market price to maximum people in a very short period of time. The system overcomes the drawback of digital hoarding board and social media updates, as it displays the price details in a single click from anywhere around the country. A farmer knows the price of his product from his farm and hence, can sell his product at a reasonable price. Similarly, consumers and other market actors like wholesaler and traders can be benefitted with the corresponding transaction at lower risk.ย 

Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project, Project Implementation Unit, Chitwan has come up with a remarkable initiation for delivering market price information and maintaining records of suppliers and buyers from several markets of Chitwan district. Agriculture Commodities Market Price and Production Record Management System has been officially launched with the objective of bringing farmers, suppliers and consumers together and connecting them on the basis of price, location and time of demand, supply and dispatch of agriculture commodities.ย 

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