Constitution of Nepal has assigned the mandate for management, operation and control of agriculture extension as well as for management of local records to local government i.e., palika (Schedule 8). However, palikas are not able to get the real data of farmers in their working area. Due to this reason, the programs implemented by the agriculture section do not bring forth effectiveness.

As the first step of any program execution, a comprehensive document has to be prepared by government officials on what the farmers are producing, how are they being facilitated, what are the basic infrastructures in their access, how much do they produce and what is the causative factor for lower productivity. Ultimately, further activities like knowledge and service delivery become potent and fruitful.ย 

Melamchi Municipality, Sindhupalchowk will be using Production Control System, in its initial phase, as a platform to collect farmers information, carry out descriptive analysis and prepare farmers profile.ย Farmersโ€™ data collected via survey among farmers of Melamchi Municipality will be updated on the digital system and then aย complete and comprehensive farmers profile will be developed by including the output from the system, which will serve as a genuine database for service outreach and agriculture extension activities to be carried out by agriculture section of Melamchi Municipality.

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