Epidemiological reporting is an indispensable, yet most cumbersome, activity in livestock sector. The reports are prepared in a monthly basis through surveillance among farmers, livestock markets, slaughter houses, transport companies and exporters/importers.

In Nepal, the mandate for animal disease surveillance has been given to Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Center under Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development at provincial level. The reports are prepared in excel file, independently by the VHLSECs and submitted to DoLFD through email. This, not only makes the work inefficient, but also invites several difficulties in data compilation, analysis and report generation. 

A new intervention by DreamWork Solution is going to play an important role in reviving and strengthening the existing surveillance and record maintenance system. The cloud based epidemiological reporting system, deployed under DoLFD Lumbini provides the same data entry format to all VHLSECs with the incorporation of certain restrictions and ensured uniformity. Henceforth, the data can be compiled easily and reports can be generated in a single click. This will open up for allocation of time and effort towards better monitoring and preventive actions.