Madi Municipality is one of the four sectors of buffer zone management of Chitwan National Park. Along with tourism and hotel industry, the municipality possess great potential in crop farming, animal husbandry, fisheries and medicinal plants cultivation activities. Livelihood in Madi is generally concentrated amidst agriculture, its commercialization and promotion of agro-tourism. However, wildlife attack on humans as well as on crop fields has been the major problem faced by the dwellers near forest area.

Production Control System has been deliberately designed to facilitate recommendation letter generation in a single click from the Municipality. The increased efficiency in administrative works is supposed to ensure speedy service to farmers when they are victimized by wildlife attack. 

An Agreement is signed between Madi Municipality and DreamWork Solution for Comprehensive Digitalization of Agriculture and Veterinary Sector using Production Control System (PCS). The objective of developing Production Control System is to provide technical assistance and consultation to Madi Municipality and provide the service and support for the agriculture and livestock development section under the Municipality for farmer identification and classification, business plan generation and service management.