Business plan is prepared before starting any entrepreneurship activity to gain an overview of the market situation including constraints, opportunities, objectives and key activities. A business plan prepared in the planning phase helps in assessment of technical and financial feasibility for ensuring the profitability in production period. On its financial part, a business plan includes trend analysis of important measures of physical resources, operating efficiency, financial position and financial performance and an assessment of the financial environment (e.g. interest rates, employment, inflation, government actions) for the effective implementation of a business idea.

The business plan of an agriculture crop enterprise contains the cost benefit estimate based on agriculture inputs like seed, seedlings, fertilizers, machineries, labor, transportation, storage, processing etc. and the products produced. Similarly, different livestock based input materials like feed, bedding, minerals, additives and pasture maintenance cost have to be considered in developing a livestock business plan. 

The technical expertise of DreamWork Solution team has expanded its horizon, by adding off farm enterprise to the list of automated business plan generation activity. The business plans will cover the major factors of production of 3 off farm enterprise viz. Tailoring, Beauty Parlor and Mobile Repair. 

Input costs, marketing cost, source of the inputs, outputs, cost benefits of the enterprise, establishment cost, materials cost, labor costs, income generation, daily wage labor, electricity and water supply, transportation and taxes will be calculated based on the information collected from field survey among 327 households of Chandrapur Municipality, Rautahat district. Agriculture Team from DreamWork Solution shall meet with individual farmers and participants of the LEVEL 1 trainings of different trades, conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO), ask questions on inputs required in each business enterprise, generate the business plan and explain to them how the business plan works and how they can use it.