Four Days Workshop on ARMIS 

Agriculture Result Monitoring and Information System (ARMIS) is an online cloud-based software system designed by PMAMP for the overall management of PIUs, aggregating data collected by PIUs, and generating the final report with a single click at PMAMP, PMU, Khumaltar, and Lalitpur. Direct and easy reporting by using a system-based service will not only facilitate information gathering which was rather would be haphazard during the rush days. The systematic data entry by different PIUs will aid in easy monitoring and interpretation of available information of PMAMP.

The four days’ workshop was provided to habituate about the functionality of the Agriculture Result Monitoring Information System Update facilitated by DreamWork Solution. Direct and easy reporting using a system-based service not only facilitates information gathering, which would otherwise be haphazard. ARMIS facilitates systematic data entry by different PIUs allows easy monitoring and interpretation of available information on PMAMP. The workshop aims to achieve the target of the entire agriculture-related data management of 58 PIUs under PMAMP. ARMIS was created for the quick and dependable management of databases and the quick generation of accurate flyover reports.

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