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"Software as a Service (SaaS)" is the fundamental business model for revenue growth and sustainability of our business.
Instead of selling a software product, we prioritize providing consultancy services for the same. The development process of software initiated with "Requirement Analysis" and "Feasibility Analysis". Since we do custom software development, our clients deal with us for a product that does not pre-exist for adoption in the software market. So, technically it is impossible to categorically identify all the features and functionality of the final product, its usability, and importantly its feasibility. As a solution for this, we work for clients as consultants for the whole project period.
We keep it improving and mostly give more than actually, the client pays for it. We have 100s of pre-developed modules that our clients deploy to their system as features. We also have more than a decade of custom software development experience that our clients can adopt as the functionality of their digital system that actually works. 

Here, the project we choose should have eligibility to provide us the opportunity for knowledge replication or should have the flexibility to scale it vertically or horizontally. Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a very successful business model for us. So, try us... we can give you more than what you bargained for.