Livestock and Fisheries Management System is deployed to Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Office (VHLSO), West Rukum of Karnali Province to manage the livestock statistics on number, milk and meat production, vaccination, livestock industry, market details and epidemiological reports.ย Situated in the remote hill of western Nepal, VHLSO finds it very alluring to operate digitally for the overall statistics and database management related to livestock services and production status in 6 municipalities under its coverage area.ย 

The module for Livestock Business Plan Generation has been added to the system from March 2022, with the aim of extending the scope of extension by VHLSO to livestock farmers. With this updated feature, any farmer from all the local levels of the district will be provided with the business plan of their livestock enterprise free of cost. VHLSO will be empowered to generate business plan through automated system in a single click and distribute the required business plan to farmers of the 3 urban and 3 rural municipalities of West Rukum district.

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