While preparing business plan, one has to give due consideration towards the location and enterprise specific information. A single business plan does not work for all situations, all places and at all times. Some variables like land rent, input price and and factor productivity vary significantly even among different area under a single district. In addition, input efficiency of each entrepreneur might differ in various aspects, for example: the same area of land may produce different quantity of tomato because of the differences in irrigation facility, land topography or management practices. 

DreamWork Solution is continuously putting its effort to address the diverseness of business plan. Field survey has been carried out among 327 households of different wards of Chandrapur Municipality, Rautahat. The survey household includes people involved in different agriculture, livestock and other off farm enterprises. 

The survey results have been expected to put light on the availability, price and efficiency status of the selected enterprises, being specific to Rautahat district. Data entry and business plan generation will be carried out using MS-Excel in modifiable form so as to facilitate similar business plan generation easily in case of further requirements.